I would happily live on bread and butter. Not just any bread of course. And not just any butter either. It has to be that rich creamy stuff, thats comes from a cow. Not a plant. This morning I was at my local cheese shop when I happend to mention butter. I left the shop with a very expensive little basket. Or at least, I thought it was expensieve at the time, but after tasting, I feel it is a really small price to pay for a piece of heaven. Needless to say, my lunch was a baquette with butter. It was heaven. Creamy, rich, slightly salty and a bit of acidty cutting through the creamyness. It is French butter and my cheese guy told me its churned differntly to Dutch butter. Who would have known that there is a whole wold of butter out there to be discovered! To be continued...

Echire, I am in love.
AuthorNicola Kloosterman